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Moved Blogs!

I MOVED BLOGS!!!!!! My new website is on wordpress and can be found here! I am so excited to share this with you guys, I have some screen shots of my new website for you guys below! 

I hope you guys enjoy the new site as much as I do! I am so proud of this website and how it looks. I kept you guys in mind and also rebranded the name! Love you guys and I hope you guys continue to follow and support me trough this journey!

Winter Skin

              For me personally, I have never had to worry about dry skin. I have however, always had to worry about having very oily skin. I would honestly have to re-powder my face at least 10 times a day if I wanted to keep a matte look or a perfect glow kinda look. But, this fall and winter have thrown a whirl-wind my way, and my skin has decided it wants to be really dry. I admit, I panicked at first having never had to worry about even combination or normal skin let alone dry skin, and I only owned products the would keep oil away and work to dry my skin. This meant I had to find all new skin products... which is scary as I also have the most sensitive skin when it comes to break-outs. But I think I have finally gotten a good regime to follow.

               Cleanser wasn't on the top of my list of things I thought I would need to replace, but after some reading about dry skin I realized the cleanser I was using was way to harsh for my skin now. After looking through recommendations for dry skin, I found the Soy Face Cleanser by 'Fresh' and after the first use I fell in love. It has the power to clean off any makeup, including eye makeup, and when i'm done it leaves my face feeling clean, without feeling stripped of natural oils in my face. 

            Moisturizers scare me. Having always had oily skin the idea of intentionally putting moisture on my face seemed odd. But, I new I had to do it. So, I ordered one that again wouldn't break the bank, and also said that it would help with dark spots, and skin discolouration (something I also struggle with). OleHenriksen's moisturizer 'Sheer  Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer' from their Transform line is a new staple in my skin routine and something I look forward to doing every night and morning. I also have noticed amazing results with the discolouration in my skin after using this moisturizer.

Eye Serum
             At the age of 17, my mother questions me every time I put on my eye serum because 'what wrinkles are you worrying about?'. Well I have come to the conclusion that I would rather prevent myself from getting them, then have to work twice as hard to reverse them. So while in LA this summer I treated myself and bought the 'Hydra Beauty Micro Gel Yeux' by Chanel eye serum. I don't have anything to compare it to as it is the first one I have used, but I have loved it so far and haven't found anything negative to say about it as of yet. 

Face Masks
             I love sheet masks. They are my favourite beauty item every. They are so mess free and are great for moisturization as you don't wash your face afterwards, and just let all that moisture sink into your skin the whole night. I love the Sephora brand ones, as well as the Dr Jart+ and the Boscia hydrogel masks. 

           I'm a Carmex girl. Always have been, always will. It never fails me and never leaves my lips dryer then they were before like most do to my lips. It may not have the prettiest packaging, but it does the job better then any I have ever used. 

What are your winter skin go-to's?



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