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Moved Blogs!

I MOVED BLOGS!!!!!! My new website is on wordpress and can be found here! I am so excited to share this with you guys, I have some screen shots of my new website for you guys below! 

I hope you guys enjoy the new site as much as I do! I am so proud of this website and how it looks. I kept you guys in mind and also rebranded the name! Love you guys and I hope you guys continue to follow and support me trough this journey!

This Week In Favourites

This week has been long. With exams coming up and final project due I have been stressing. But, it has also made it a good week of favourites, as I crave going home and finding a little break from reality. Something that I can relax to and unwind from the stressors of school.  So, below are some favourites I have found this week.

  • The Thought of the Week:  That not knowing what you want to do for the rest of your life is okay. You don't have to feel like your life is together right out of high school.

    • Favourite activity: Yoga and meditation. I have found it so easy to relax and I always feel a weight lift from my shoulders every time I do it. I highly recommend meditating before bed to relax your mind right before sleep.

    •  Favourite Song: Glorious by Macklemore - it's not new but, it just makes me smile while listening to it.

    • Favourite Series: I don't have a favourite t.v. series this week, however I have fallen in love with the Youtuber Tati Westbrook

    • This weeks Craving: Pasta, pasta and more pasta! All the carbs Please!!!

    • Weekly Want: Spring. haha! I am just so over this cold and snow, I want the sun so badly!!!

    • Quote of the week:  "We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible" - Vince Lombardi



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